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Resepi Kebab Daging

 Submitted By On 07 June, 2007
Preparation time: 
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resepi invent sendiri....

  • Daging cincang
  • Bawang besar - hiris
  • Tomato - didadu
  • Timun - hiris
  • Mc Cormick Paprika
  • Mc Cormick Mix Herbs
  • Mc Cormick Salt n Spice
  • Sos Tomato
  • Sos Cili
  • HP BBQ sauce
  • Sos tiram - 1 sudu
  • Kicap manis - 2/3 sudu
  • mayonis
  • roti pita kebab
  1. Masak daging cincang tu kejap, smp air daging agak2 kering.

  2. Masukkan sos tomato, sos cili, bbq sauce, sos tiram, kicap manis, paprika, mix herbs, salt n spice. Masak smp daging dan sos sekata.

  3. Bile daging da masak, masukkan bawang, timun dan tomato..kacau smp masak...tutup api..

  4. Reheat roti pita dlm microwave, sapu mayonis, masukkan inti, sapu mayo lagi atas inti...siap!!!

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